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Helicopter Diaper Cake!!

Hi Everyone!

One of my visitors on Facebook asked if I can turn the Airplane Diaper Cake into a Helicopter.  After a little practice I was able to make a fun helicopter design! I hope you like it, it is so much fun to make.

I had my brother Paul help me draw a new plan for the Helicopter. You can click on and download the PDF for free.


DiaperCakeHelicopter.PDF (click for free PDF)DiaperCakeHelicopter

List of items needed to make the Helicopter:

30 Size 2 Diapers
3 Baby Bibs
4 Flannel Receiving Blankets
1 Sheet of Foamboard, 20×30 inches
4 Sheets of Scrapbook Paper
2 Wooden Dowels, 12-Inches long
1 Bag of Fuzzy Pipe Cleaners
1 Roll of 1/2 Inch Thin Ribbon
1 Large Silk Flower (For top of main Rotor)
1 Mid Size Silk Flower (For Tail Rotor)
2 Baby Spoons (For Tail Rotor)
1 Wash Cloth Mitt (Optional, Mounted to Nose)

Tape, Scissors and Rubber Bands
Stuffed Animal and Misc. Accessories to decorate to your liking…

Here is the YouTube Video Tutorial:


Here are some pictures:

IMG_3173 IMG_3177 IMG_3180 IMG_3183 IMG_3186 IMG_3187


One Response to Helicopter Diaper Cake!!

  • jeffmccoy says:

    Fabulous job seriously like i saw many ideas for diaper cake but this is really cool and unique so glad to visit your site! Thanks for shared! can you please share how to make this i also want to try this once.