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Snowmobile Diaper Cake!!!


Hi Everyone!


Here is another cool Diaper Cake idea, a Snowmobile! I had a few people request we try and make it. So with a little foamboad help from Paulie I came up with a fun idea. It is a little harder to make then some of the other Diaper Cake on my YouTube and website, but i think you can make it too.  The only hard part is drawing and cutting the foamboard. Paulie was nice and made a PDF you can download. Please click on and save the PDF File below. Then Print and follow the instructions and cut out the parts. Below is also the list of items needed to make it. You can also add any accessories you may like to make it extra special! Thank you so much for visiting my website!

CLICK HERE TO OPEN the Snowmobile-DiaperCake.PDF
(Or Right Click on Link and select “Save Link As” to save the PDF to your computer)


Items Need to Make the Snow Mobile Diaper Cake.
30 Size 1 Diapers
1 Baby Bibs
2 Pairs Fluffy Baby Socks
1 Pair Regular Baby Socks
1 Roll 2-Inch Ribbon
1 Roll 1-inch Ribbon
1 Roll 1/4 Inch Ribbon
4 Flannel Recieving Blankets
1 Sippy Cup with Handles
2 Sheets of Foamboard (Dollar Tree 20×30 Inches)
2 Medium/Small Stuffed animals
2 Clip on Flowers

Tape, Scissors, Rubberbands and large Paper Clips

Tape, Scissors, Rubber-bands